WaterSchool wins DDA award!

WaterSchool wins DDA award!

The jury report: “WaterSchool M4H+ is a research project that absolutely excels: a textbook example of how design research can play an educational role. Studio Makkink & Bey shows how, with a large group of designers and thinkers, you can analyse, understand, and experience an urgent theme like water use in all kinds of ways. Makkink & Bey are always and everywhere generous in sharing their knowledge and self-learning capabilities. This studio has been operating at the forefront of research by design for years and, with Waterschool M4H+, addresses a relevant topic in an open and exemplary way, which also has a substantial effect due to its longevity.”

“WATERSCHOOL M4H+ is a convincing project that tackles an extremely urgent and complex subject. Studio Makkink & Bey is involved in every aspect of the design and knows how to involve the right partners as well as a large number of young makers. WATERSCHOOL M4H+ gives shape to the principle of ‘learning by doing’. Studio Makkink & Bey takes on a whole range of roles; from planner, architect and designer to curator, mediator and moderator. The result is a clear set-up, multifaceted and well-presented research, and a wide scope for this comprehensive project that hits home on all levels.”

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