WaterSchool nominated for Dutch Design Award

WaterSchool nominated for Dutch Design Award

Category Design Research

We are very proud that WaterSchool M4H+, commissioned by IABR (International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam), has been nominated for the prestigious Dutch Design Award in the category Design Research. Other nominees are Studio Zsofia Kollar and Sjaak Langenberg & Rosé de Beer.

Winners will be announced during Dutch Design Week. Fingers crossed! You can check out a special selection of WaterSchool’s design research during Dutch Design Week from 22-30 October at Microlab Hall (DDW | hall East), Kastanjelaan 400, Eindhoven.

“Studio Makkink & Bey takes on a whole range of roles and in WaterSchool M4H+ has a convincing project that hits home on all levels.”

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