WaterSchool in Taipei Taiwan

WaterSchool in Taipei Taiwan

C-Lab project “School On the move – Lagoon Apeiron” at the 2019 Creative Expo in Taipei

From the 24th of April to the 5th of May 2019, the WaterSchool was part of the C-Lab (Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab) project “School On the move – Lagoon Apeiron” at the 2019 Creative Expo in Taipei.

The starting point of the Lagoon Apeiron project was the social character of shrimp fishing. Shrimp fishing ponds used to be gathering places in society where people meet, talk, learn, play and socialize. Yet currently, with the changing urban lifestyle the fishing ponds and their social character are disappearing.

Referring to this, the exhibition’s central point was an actual fishing pond, thereby turning the exhibition space into a social space. It became a space for talks, performances, cooking lessons, workshops, fishing and discussions. During the “Lagoon Talk Series”, experts from science, anthropology, art and design shared their visions without borders.

The WaterSchool was invited as one of the eight exhibitors. Its vision on education, collaboration, co-creating and the connection with water resulted in a round table with a story woven into the table cloth. Here, Studio Makkink & Bey’s Cheesemaker was metaphorically connected to craftsmen on a small platform in the center of the table, stressing their vision on co-operation between different crafts. Threads lead to the stories and landscapes on the table cloth to show possible products and future scenarios.

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