WaterSchool in Metaal Kathedraal Utrecht

WaterSchool in Metaal Kathedraal Utrecht

This spring WaterSchool resides in Metaal Kathedraal (metal cathedral) Utrecht to further develop the curriculum of the WaterSchool.

Sunday morning sessions

Rianne Makkink will also curate 4 Sunday morning sessions. The first session of the dialogue table ‘MISsie’ will take place Sunday 5th of April 09.30h. Due to corona you can not attend to the session in the cathedral; we will come to your living room instead.


The time in Metaal Kathedraal will be used to further develop the curriculum of the WaterSchool. What subjects will be teached at the WaterSchool? And how can we link designers? The circular testing grounds of Metaal Kathedraal can also facilitate the concept of an open air school that we would like to include in WaterSchool’s curriculum. Next to that we would like to investigate two options:
- the designer / artist actually teaches directly to the children of the WaterSchool
- based on work by designers / artists, a series of lessons is being developed for the WaterSchool, which will be given by the teaching team of the WaterSchool.

WaterSchool invited artist Noortje Sanders to work on her research as the artist in residence. Due to corona she had to postpone her workshops with children, but is now working on finding new ways to continue her project.

Metaal Kathedraal (metal cathedral) Utrecht is a cultural institution, event location & knowledge institute. Metaal Kathedraal works at the intersection of art, ecology and society and, with its unique program, encourages its visitors to reflect. The program consists of workshops, exhibitions and performances in which visitors experience the (underestimated) power of nature through the work of artists, scientists and inventors in the building and on the grounds of Metal Cathedral.

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