WaterSchool in C-mine Genk (B)

WaterSchool in C-mine Genk (B)

WaterSchool travelling from Istanbul to Genk

A School of Schools

A School of Schools offers a different view on the school as an institute. It puts the emphasis on what we already know: learning cannot be restricted by a building, by fixed hours or defined interactions. News ideas can emerge from everywhere: from family, friends, neighbours or strangers even. Or from within our own societies and the tools that we developed to move within these societies.

The exhibition, curated by Jan Boelen (Z33), Vera Sacchetti and Nadine Botha, travelled from the 4th Design Biennial Istanbul to the exhibition spaces of C-mine in Genk. A new form, with a new scenography, with more than 100 (inter)national designers, with local interactions and a broad selection of projects that can start a dialogue between design, education and design education.

Facts and figures

from 28.06 until 29.09.2019

opening hours
from 10:00 to 17:00

exhibition rooms energy building
C-Mine, Genk

free entrance


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