WaterSchool at Ornamenta Germany

WaterSchool at Ornamenta Germany

June 10th 2023: GLASS-works Matter in a one day group show

WaterSchool at Ornamenta 2024: a one day group show titled Bad Databrunn, presenting three different perspectives for a post-burnout society. June 10th, visitors were welcomed in a historic bath house in the spa town Bad Wildbad (Germany) to discover new ways of dealing with physical and virtual stress by learning to deal with water flows and data streams.

exhibition in Bad Wildbad

To start up a new educational and research platform, we met with Bad Wildbad’s Vocational Training Center and Silver & Goldsmith Schulz Pforzheim to discuss a new curriculum for future ways of living with water. We brought our project GLASS-works Matter: a set of drinking glasses with a total volume of 70 litres, the amount of water in a human body. The glasses are collected from the stocks in recycling shop Circulair Warenhuis, engraved with delicate drawings of body organs and placed on an embroidered table cloth, also made in the workshop of Circulair Warenhuis. Visitors could watch how the glasses were graved with the drawings during the day.

Thank you for having us.
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