Water biennial Utrecht

Water biennial Utrecht

WaterSchool and Metaal Kathedraal organise WaterExpeditions

Water Biennial Utrecht is a cultural and scientific programme, stage and platform about the wonderful history and world of water. Our particular attention goes to an innovative and learning program for children. Water Biennial is initiated by Metaal Kathedraal Utrecht and curated by Metaal Kathedraal, Studio Makkink & Bey & WaterSchool and Fluid Future. It is developed on behalf of the province of Utrecht.

In May, August and September children and their parents were invited to join WaterExpeditions. Packed for a real expedition, we headed out and researched water under the guidance of various experts: what is it, what is its quality and what role does water play in our lives? The first expedition with Li An Phoa of Drinkable Rivers ‘Of who9m) is water? gave valuable initial data to include in the WaterArchive that the Water Biennial is building physically.

The 2nd WaterExpedition, WonderWater, was held on Saturday, August 27, with experts Frank Collaris and Lilly Huis in ‘t Veld of BlueEarth Innovations. The 3rd expedition Wijwater with experts Frank Silvis and Claudia Jansen took place September 25. The presentation of all research results ánd opening of the WaterArchive took place on be on November 6, 2022.

Children investigating water during a WaterExpedition
Opening WaterArchive at Metaal Kathedraal Utrecht
Rianne Makkink presenting WaterSchool at the opening of the Water Archive
Frank Silvis and Frank Colaris telling their story on WonderWater
Frank Silvis explains how a dowsing rod works
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