Podcast series Radio Waterruis by Noortje Sanders

Podcast series Radio Waterruis by Noortje Sanders

Ever wondered how the North Sea sounds under water?

This spring WaterSchool resides in Metaal Kathedraal (metal cathedral) in Utrecht to further develop the curriculum of the WaterSchool. For that, Metaal Kathedraal and WaterSchool offer designers and artists free space to develop a series of lessons for children.

Artist in residence Noortje Sanders kicked off and launched her podcast series on the sound of water: Radio WaterRuis (Radio WaterMurmur), a 4 episode podcast for the whole family.

Radio WaterRuis

Radio WaterRuis is a 4 episode podcast series by artist Noortje Sanders for children and adults. In this series, Noortje investigates the world of underwater sound. How do fish hear? What is the sound of a windmill like to a whale? Noortje shares her learnings on the sound of the sea and what the effects are on sea life.

This radio podcast is suitable for families and can also be used by primary and secondary school teachers. Noortje also makes a DIY for every episode. Adults and children from 4 years of age can download the DIY exercises to experience the findings of Noortje for themselves.

Developing a curriculum

Guided by a team of pedagogues and the teaching team of WaterSchool, designers teach children on the basis of their own work. This process and experiences are shared with primary schools in the immediate vicinity of Metaal Kathedraal. Partnerships will be built in 2020 to continue this work in 2021 – 2024 and to build an innovative curriculum based on the principles of Waterschool. To be used by families and primary and secondary school teachers.


Listen to the trailer of Radio WaterRuis

Episode 1
Listen to the first episode ‘Onder water is alles anders’
Download the DIY belonging to episode 1

Episode 2
Listen to the second episode ‘Lawaai en stilte’
Download the DIY belonging to episode 2

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