Making school – learning from past, present & future

Making school - learning from past, present & future

presentation of thesis of students from TU Delft

Friday 9 July | 3 pm – 5 pm

For their final thesis, 18 architecture students from TU Delft researched the history of water use in schools. Examples of their work are historical investigations into water cellars, school bathhouses, school gardens and outdoor schools at the beginning of the last century. The students collected valuable historical material and substantiation and reflect on possible applications.

learning from past, present & future

A selection of these theses will be presented on Friday July 9. Curator Rianne Makkink, architectural historian and teacher Dolf Broekhuizen and the authors of the theses will discuss the findings and jointly investigate how knowledge from the past can be used in the WaterSchool. Because some of the phenomena studied have been virtually forgotten, but can now regain relevance.

Waterschool library

The theses will be officially presented to the WaterSchool that day and will be available in the WaterSchool library.

Spots are limited, so you might want to check in early.

Studio Makkink & Bey
Marconistraat 85, Rotterdam

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