Lecture Water Matter X Neuhaus in Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam

Lecture Water Matter X Neuhaus in Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam

Rianne Makkink curated a lecture evening about the properties of water.

Water is considered the source of life. It covers approximately 70 per cent of the earth’s surface and makes up 70 per cent of the human body. But what is actually going on in the water itself? Yuka Mizusawa explored this theme in her lecture ‘The Message of Water’.

As a Hado instructor, Yuka teaches for the Emoto Peace Project, founded by the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto. Emoto explored the ability of water to store and transfer information. He froze various water samples that had been exposed to music or words to demonstrate that the water absorbed the specific frequencies of the sounds. By photographing the ice crystals with a special technique, he was able to visualise this transfer of information.

In her lecture ‘Water as Design Element’, artist and designer Aliki van der Kruijs talked about the role water plays in her work. In several of her works, water not only serves as a source of inspiration but is also a component of the work itself. Aliki showed several of her water projects and explained the ways in which water is an inspiration in her daily life, in which she combines science and poetry.

During the presentation of Aqua Aurora the audience could taste the difference between tap water and vitalised water and learned about the amazing healing properties of shell lime.

The evening ended with neutralising all mobiles of the audience, you should have been there ;)

This lecture was part of Neuhaus, temporary academy of more-than-human knowledge by Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam. The Meeting Matter learning trail explores (design) approaches in which the continuity of matter supersedes the transience of the material.

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