Imagining the in-between of land and water

Imagining the in-between of land and water

3 performative lectures on 12 May 2022

WATERSCHOOL, design researcher Moniek Driesse and sensory artist and spatial designer Maidie van den Bos enable a series of 3 performative lectures ‘Imagining the in-between of land and water’. The events will take place at Studio Makkink & Bey, and are organised in the context of Waterweek of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR).

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3 performative lectures on Thursday 12 May 2022
16:00-17:15 hrs — 18:00-19:15 hrs — 20:30-21:15 hrs

There will be a limited number of twenty places available for each time slot.
To reserve your spot, please send an e-mail to

Studio Makkink & Bey, Marconistraat 85, Rotterdam


When you see yourself reflected in water, do you recognize the water as yourself?

As the second instalment of a two-part series of sensory experiences, this collaborative effort engages the imaginary agency of urban waters in a performative lecture that allows us to immerse ourselves into a cartography of the city in time and space.

Design researcher Moniek Driesse (Centre for Critical Heritage Studies, University of Gothenburg) and sensory artist Maidie van den Bos (Forêt Atelier | Bloesembar) activate watery urban imaginaries to address exercises of collective care. They take participants into our entangled relationships with bodies of water, through various temporalities and pluriversal forms of worldmaking and resistance. Join to ingest, inhale and feel stories of water from Gothenburg to Rotterdam and beyond.

The series of pamphlets “As we float” designed by Art Collart will be exhibited during the event.

This collaboration is part of Moniek Driesse’s PhD research, which emerges as she allows water to attract her attention. Not any particular body or type of water, but water as an entity that has drawn and continues to draw maps of cities. Not maps as in the pieces of paper with dots and lines drawn on them, but maps understood as phenomena that guide human understanding of orientations in time and space. If watery imaginaries would be conceptualised in frames where we can explore and map both their short, middle and long-term stories it would help us to see beyond narratives of utilitarian engineering and to cultivate care. However, for us to engage with these narratives, we need new storytelling apparatuses that enable us to explore what can happen beyond conventional subject-object divisions and linear time perspectives of development and decay.

image by Moniek Driesse

As an iteration in her research, she invited botanical sommelier, sensory artist and spatial designer, Maidie van den Bos to Gothenburg for an artist-in-residency during August and September 2021. Making use of her mobile laboratory, she converted natural and cultivated environments into drinks, perfumes and other sensory experiences, in order to create interactions and care between water bodies and other bodies in a performative lecture held at the Gothenburg International Biennale for Contemporary Art.

Maidie will be working in residence at Waterschool from 9-12 May.

“As we float” designed by Art Collart

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