Design Fest Ghent

Design Fest Ghent

22.04 > 01.05

Our exhibition shows works of more than 40 selected designers, architects and artists and a WATERSCHOOL (digital) library in development addressing the themes and collecting the results of the research by design into those resources that can serve as (building) materials and/or food while having a responsible relationship to water use. The exhibition illustrates a future in which art and design will become a more important part of education and society. We hope you can join us!

Design Fest Gent demonstrates what design can (and indeed should) be: inquisitive, experimental and activistic. The aim of Design Fest is not merely to present things but also to focus on creation, experience, meeting, stimulation and amazement.
By focusing on sustainability in all its facets, Design Fest not only wants to inspire the visitors and residents of Ghent but also challenge them and encourage dialogue. An extensive range of installations, workshops and lectures are bundled in three content clusters: Look Back, Move Forward and Do Care. Look Back shows projects bringing together craft, tradition and new technology. Move forward focuses on hybrid collaborations between science, design and technology with nature as a blueprint. Do Care gathers designs with a social impact.

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